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Mastering Mobility: An In-Depth Interview with ThreeMovers.com on Revolutionizing the International Moving Industry

International moving can be a daunting task for anyone, even for professionals who understand the difficulties of moving overseas.

Today, we’ll go into an interview with international moving company, Three Movers, on how the industry is making progress and some downsides along the way.

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How is International Moving Traditionally Done?

Traditional international moving is done by first packing everything and then shipping it to a port. Then the furniture, clothes, and other items are stored in a cargo container and shipped to the destination.

After it arrives at the target destination, it’s unloaded and then packed onto a truck where it’s taken to a final destination. Sometimes these goods must be stored in storage for a while until the customer is ready to receive their goods.

The future of international moving is always moving towards efficiency. Right now, there are plenty of ways to improve.  The problem is that the moving industry is an old industry, and some methods are downright inefficient and will take time to improve.

How AI Can Help International Movers

Companies like Amazon are innovating with their usage of robotics in their packaging plants. As the future comes, it’s more and more likely that movers will be replaced by packaging robots. AI  can also help plan routes and packaging logistics, making for a more efficient move.

AI can also help you envision how your furniture will look in your new home. Instead of wasting time moving huge items to your home only to realize that it doesn’t fit the decor, you’ll be able to see firsthand how your items will fit without worrying about any bills.

In the future, it’s not so unlikely that a few robots show up at your house, pack your belongings, stow them away in the truck, and then start the journey to your new home. As long as the moving industry is progressing, efficiency will become the name of the game.

Utilizing Digital Infrastructure

Ordering a moving company a few years back looks a lot different than how it does today. Most moving companies have moved to utilize digital infrastructure, like paid ads, organic Google search, and even video advertising.

Everyone is always moving, and the need for the moving industry will always be there. But with the changes in how everyone consumes content, it’s important for moving companies to not forget how powerful building a brand can be.

That’s why the focus on improving SEO and brand recognition is key for moving companies that want longevity in the industry. At Three Movers, we’ve invested heavily in our website and advertising in hopes that more people learn about what we do and how we can help.

While it can be a pain to deal with the changing landscape of the internet, it’s a necessary evil that provides multiple sources of revenue. It’s also completely hands-off and is working around the clock to generate your moving company earnings year-round.

Is the Moving Industry Growing?

The moving industry grows at about a 3% rate each year. In 2021, 39.5 billion was generated alone just from moving. It’s a huge industry, and as more and more people are born, more moving will be necessary.

It’s important to realize that this growth also means another thing, competition. That’s why you need to always stay ahead and innovate so that you don’t get left behind by your young competitors with drive.


Our in-depth interview with ThreeMovers.com has shed light on the intricate dynamics of the international moving industry. Traditional methods, while effective, are grappling with inefficiencies that are inherent in an industry rooted in age-old practices. However, the future presents a landscape where innovation, particularly driven by artificial intelligence, is poised to revolutionize the entire process.

The potential for robotics to replace manual labor in packing, coupled with AI’s ability to optimize routes and logistics, marks a significant shift toward efficiency. Envisioning the integration of AI to foresee the placement of furniture in a new home underscores the industry’s commitment to enhancing customer experience.

Moreover, the migration towards a digital infrastructure is evident, with moving companies leveraging online platforms, paid advertising, and SEO strategies to bolster brand recognition. Three Movers’ emphasis on investing in their website and advertising exemplifies a forward-looking approach, recognizing the transformative power of a strong brand in an era dominated by digital consumption.

As the moving industry continues to grow at a steady rate, reaching a staggering $39.5 billion in revenue in 2021 alone, it brings forth not only opportunities but heightened competition. To navigate this landscape successfully, companies must embrace innovation and stay ahead of the curve. The evolving nature of consumer behavior and the constant influx of new entrants with fresh perspectives necessitate a commitment to continuous improvement and adaptation.

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